Where it all started…

“Not all who wander are lost.”

~ J.R.R. Tolkien.

I have had wanderlust since I was a child. Among my earliest recollections, when I was maybe age ten, was putting “One-Way Ticket to Anywhere” on my Christmas list each year. I figured that if I were dropped behind the Iron Curtain (which was then Communist Russia), the adventure would begin and I would find my way home. I recall the day when I had two weeks booked in castles and manor homes in England and Wales. I stepped out the door from work and took a deep breath. As my mind relaxed, it opened up to a world of possibilities. I realized that I didn’t have to go to the U.K. Sure, the trip was already paid for but I could go to Africa, or Peru, or Japan, or … anywhere I chose. As I recognized these options, the same challenges and questions came to mind that all of us have: How can I afford, in time and money, to travel to my heart’s desire?

The first opportunity for extensive travel that I was blessed with came when a gentleman told me that I was wasting my talents in retail and invited me to sell timeshare. I took a look at their offer: “We will pay you to talk to people on vacation (one of the happiest times of their lives) about more vacations (among the happiest times of their lives)”. That sounded like a great gig. It began a twenty-year ride that allowed me to bless people with that most precious of life experiences: time together with those we love, away from the stress and turmoil of our daily lives. Creating memories.

Fast forward to today. I look back on all the vacations I have enjoyed and how they have helped shape my adult life. My journeys include travels throughout the western U.S., the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite National Park, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona, the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest of Arizona, the stunning rock formations of Zion and Bryce Canyon in Utah, the amazing autumn colors in Michigan and its Upper Peninsula, New Year’s Eve on the Las Vegas Strip with fireworks going off from every hotel around me, Florida, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Mexico, Canada, and more. And, of course, Hawai’i. After having taken so many trips to the Aloha State, my wife and I realized that life is short and we had to live there.

As I looked back, I realized that if I hadn’t had a system for success, a way to travel with a healthy-enough income, I never would have started traveling. I didn’t believe I could afford it. I was retired and living in Hawai’i when my friend told me about a company that pays you to talk to business-minded people who love to travel. I said, “Where do I sign up?” It was such a natural fit. I’ve always said, “Sales is like dating; the worst you’re going to hear is ‘NO!’” So now I help people travel using a system that allows them to journey as much or as little as they want and get paid for helping others do the same. Unlike with timeshare, there is no huge outlay of cash and no overpriced maintenance fees. It’s a win-win system.

I don’t know what your situation is in terms of financial freedom, health, etc., and this might not be for you. However, take a look and see if it could be. If it’s not, pass along the information to someone whom it could help. It has changed the direction and focus of my life and that of my wife. We live very blessed lives in which we have it all and give back. This just might do the same for you.

With much aloha,

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I am a Photographer, Traveler, Blogger, and YouTuber. I love to share my adventures of living on the Island of Hawaii...

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